About us

As sisters in Johnson County, Kansas, we’ve enjoyed a great friendship through the years.  But in 2021, we realized something was missing.  That fun, playful energy that every home should have.  In one word: puppies.  So we went about adopting new family members.  Jax, a Golden Retriever, was born in June.  Jaeger, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, was born in July.  One month apart, they became friends at their first meeting.  Thankfully, we live very near each other, so the boys were able to see each other and play often.  They became more than friends.  They became besties.  They both still get so excited to see each other or to hear the other’s name. 

We wanted to give our dogs healthy treats that are made in the USA without fillers or preservatives.  Jax’s mom made the boys healthy, homemade treats: cookies, frozen treats, and more.  We then added dehydrated steak.  They loved it!  So, we experimented with chicken and salmon.  Salmon is Jax’s favorite.  It was obvious that the boys preferred the homemade treats to the store bought.  They would even refuse the store bought if they knew the homemade treats were available.  And with that, Besties LLC was born. 

We make small batches to ensure the highest quality, flavor and freshness.  Because of this, there might be variations.  Each batch of treats is always Jax and Jaeger approved as part of our quality assurance process. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey.  We appreciate your support.  Welcome to the Besties pack!